The Gratitude Method

is about learning to embrace gratitude to unlock the life you truly desire. Our four step process to change your life incorporates both mental and physical exercises to improve your well-being and bring you into alignment with who you truly are.

Introducing online training courses

to guide you through a comprehensive 4-step process to embracing gratitude.

Our Philosophy is

categorized in 4 basic focuses: Positive Pivot, People, Peace and Protection. Using these points as your guide, we created a fool-proof method to changing your life.

Why Gratitude Matters


Great tool for overcoming depression and anxiety


Increased joy and happiness


More peaceful existence


Less reactive


Less resistant


Fewer health complaints

We want to help you.

30 years in the making, fitness founders and partners, Diana Cole and Heather Queiroz turned their Gratitude Class into a comprehensive method for changing your life.

The Gratitude Class

An alternative to your daily yoga practice, our Gratitude Class will bring you into alignment body and spirit.

Coming Soon Gratitude Method Members Club:  

Access to daily affirmations, meditations and prayer

Access to courses, tutorials and workbooks to guide you toward happiness

Access to Online movement guides to inspire positive energy shifts

We would like nothing more than to welcome you to the Gratitude Method Family. Coming this Summer.